Top G-Shock Watches with Tough Movement

Here is a list of Casio G-Shock Watches with Tough Movement set of technologies

The new Tough Movement technology combines four innovative functions: Multiband 6, Tough Solar, hybrid design and automatic pointer adjustment.

Multiband 6
The Wave Ceptor radio technology enables reception of radio from six signals (one in Germany, the UK, the USA and China and two in Japan).

Tough Solar
The power supply system uses solar cells to charge the watch and to operate all of the key functions.

Hybrid design
The combination of lightweight resin and solid metal increases the impact resistance and durability of the watch in both analogue and digital versions.

Automatic pointer calibration
The automatic pointer calibration checks the home position of the pointer every hour and corrects it as required — for example, when the pointer is adjusted due to impact and when the pointer is affected by magnetism.

GWN-1000 / Price: 350$

GWG-1000 / Price: 600$

GPW-1000 / Price: 600$

GWN-Q1000 / Price: 650$

MTG-S1000 / Price: 700$

MTG-G1000 / Price: 900$

MRG-G1000 / Price: 2600$

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9 days ago

My Mtg 1500 is not on the list and has tough mvt.