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Best Guide to All Edifice Watches — composed by Experts

How to set time on Edifice ECB-500 / Casio 5427

Before using this guide, we recommend:

All settings are clearly explained and understandable.

  1. Hold down the (A) button for about two seconds.

    [SET] will appear first, followed by the Home Time City name.

  2. Press (D) six times until the seconds’ digits are flashing on the display.

  3. Press (E) to reset the seconds count to 00.

    If the seconds count is between 30 and 59 when you press (E), 1 will be added to the minute count.

  4. Press (D) so the hour setting is flashing.

  5. Set the date.

    Use (B) and (E) to change the currently flashing value.
    Each press of (D) cycles the flashing setting in the following sequence: hour, minute, year, month, day, seconds.

  6. Press (A) twice to exit the setting screen.

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Alo hoxha
Alo hoxha
4 months ago

bad …for 3 yeares i cant pair with may phone