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How to set time on Edifice EQW-M1100

How to set time on Edifice EQW-M1100

Before using this guide, we recommend:

All settings are clearly explained and understandable.

To change the current time setting manually

  1. Use A as shown under “Setting Modes” to enter the “Manual Setting” mode.

    – The 2 Second Hand will move to 12 o’clock. This is the time setting mode.
    – In the following steps, each press of C cycles between settings as shown below.
    How to set time on Edifice EQW-M1100
    How to set time on Edifice EQW-M1100

  2. Use D (+) and B (–) to change the time (hour and minute) setting.

    – Each press of either button will move the hands (z Hour Hand and c Minute Hand) one minute.
    – Holding down D or B will start high-speed z Hour Hand and c Minute Hand movement in the applicable direction. To stop high-speed hand movement, press any button.
    – The n 24-hour Hand and z Hour Hand move in sync with each other.
    – When setting the time, make sure that the n 24-hour Hand indicates the proper a.m./p.m. an hour.
    – If you want to change the date set at this time, press C and perform the procedure starting from step 3 under “To change the current date setting manually”.

  3. After the time setting is the way you want, press A to return to regular timekeeping.

    This will cause the x Second Hand to move automatically to 12 o’clock and resume movement from there.

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