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How to set time on G-Shock GST-B100 / Casio 5513

Before using this guide, we recommend:

All settings are clearly explained and understandable.

  1. Pull out the crown to the second click. This causes the second hand to move to “A” of the watch’s current time setting is a.m., or “P” if it is p.m., and enables the hour and minute setting operation.

  2. Rotate the crown to adjust the hour and minute settings.

    The Dual Time setting also changes in accordance with the current time setting. Crown operation is disabled
    while the Dual Time hour and minute hands are moving.

  3. Press (A).

    This enables the month and day setting operation.

  4. Press (B) to change the month.

  5. Rotate the crown to change the day.

  6. Press (A). This enables the year 10’s digit setting operation.

  7. Rotate the crown to change the year 10’s digit.

  8. Press (A). This enables the year one’s digit setting operation.

  9. Rotate the crown to change the year one’s digit.

  10. On a time signal at the top of a minute, push the crown back in.

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1 year ago

Hi, i own a GST B100.

My hour and minute hands have stopped moving.
The second hand is working.

Even when i pull the crown out and try to adjust the hands manually they still do not move.

Battery level is ok.

Do you know how to solve this situation?

Tracy Ham
Tracy Ham
1 year ago

I have ? I think I have done everything I can to get my date and time . I can the small hand to set but I cannot get the big hands to set. I tried to pull out the manual but I cannot get it to pull out. I hope this doesn’t sound stupid. Lol but I really hope u can help me?