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How to set time on G-Shock GW-A1100

How to set time on G-Shock GW-A1100

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To change the current time setting manually

  1. Pull out the crown.

    – This will cause the x Second Hand to move to the city code of the currently selected Home City
    – If you do not perform any operation with the crown for about two minutes after pulling it out, crown operations will become disabled and the hand will not move if you rotate the crown. If this happens, push the crown back in and then pull it out again.

  2. Change the Home City settings, if you want.

  3. Hold down C for about one second until the watch beeps and the Second Hand moves to 12 o’clock.

    – This indicates the manual time setting mode.
    – In the following steps, each press of C cycles between settings as shown below.

  4. Rotate the crown to adjust the time (hour and minute) setting.

    – The Upper Dial Hand is synchronized with the Hour Hand.
    – When adjusting the setting, check to make sure that the Upper Dial Hand correctly indicates an a.m. time or p.m. time.
    – If you want to change the day setting at this time, press C and perform the procedure starting from step 3 under “To change the current day setting manually”

  5. After the settings are the way you want, push the crown back in to return to the Timekeeping Mode.

    This causes timekeeping to resume with the x Second 12 o’clock.

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