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[Live Photos] Baby-G BGA-250 and story: country island

Bathing in the summer sun and enjoying an active lifestyle.
The contrast of a surfboard against the ocean makes us excited for the arrival of summer.

Remi goes to the University of Hawaii and is enjoying her new life surrounded mountains and greenery. She has always been active, and enjoys yoga, pilates and running. On days off, she often goes on trips with friends, and particularly likes Sunset Beach on the north shore of Oahu, which is a popular tourist destination known for its emerald green water and beautiful shoreline. Here, Remi enjoys having picnics, catching up with friends, playing with her dog, playing the ukulele, and has her friends teach her how to surf. The BGA-250 that sits on her arm during these fun times evokes a sense of the ocean with its contrasting white and blue colors, and is perfect for a relaxing time with nature. Because it’s 100m water resistance, it can be worn when playing in water, or when a storm comes. When she gets hungry, Remi always goes to her favorite food stand a few minutes away from the beach and orders a papaya bowl. She enjoys chatting with the friendly staff until the ocean breeze and palm trees call her back to the beach. Experiencing nature until the sun falls is truly one of life’s pleasures.

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