Best Guide to All Baby-G Watches — composed by Experts

[Live Photos] Baby-G MSG-W200CG and MSG-W200DG with combined resin and steel band

This time, it was G-MS that was sticking to the woman’s visit to the venue. Just one year from the brand revival that was in a dormant state, it quickly established new personality. The rapid increase in popularity was a thorough understanding simply by watching the state of the display corner where female customers visiting can not beat.

One of the reasons may be that women who grew up on the casual line of BABY-G grew and chose G-MS as the “next watch to wear”.

Impact design that can be used with confidence, high performance such as tough solar radio clock and world time function. And sophisticated sharp SS (stainless steel) case and easy to use Diana combination dial. Still, it is easy to buy (easy to get present?) Price. This season’s new product is the “MSG-W 200” series which condensed the attraction of such G-MS.

In a smart metal case reminiscent of G-STEEL, a simple and easy-to-see 2-needle + digital window dial is set. Furthermore, in addition to the model of the SS band, we combine metal and resin, and we also have a lineup of composite band wearing models that combines the appearance of texture and light fitting feeling.

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