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[Baby-G Digital] BGD-560BC-7 and high school girl dancer

Active in 2019 Leader of the famous dance club “Lina”.
Now she is doing her best to go on to school, With memories of the dance club era I asked about “time”!

Looking back on the days of the dance club
I’m currently in the examination system, so I’m not doing club activities, but when I look back, I think he was really good. After class, I danced hard in club activities, studied when I got home, and I had a club meeting from the next morning. I think that I was doing well in the absence of time, but at that time it was just fun. It was! It’s just that. We are now in our youth, we have a good dance club, we try and make choreographies with our friends… I wonder if we want to go back again (laughs).

*What is your best memory?
I’m proud of the final tournament where I was able to reach the national dance stadium tournament and the good results I got at the DCC tournament. Also, when I had a meeting at a club activity, I suddenly remembered that I had a hard time talking about each other, talking about what was hot on my knees, etc..

*Memorable meetings
We decided to discuss with each other just before the entry deadline whether we would enter a certain competition. I was really impressed when everyone raised their hands, “I want to get out!” by saying, “Let’s do it seriously!”

When I went to an irregular place such as during a training camp, I thought that I needed a wristwatch to move according to the schedule. Also, when I went to New Zealand for a school trip, I went to buy a watch, but I bought a BABY-G. It’s sturdy, the design is good, it goes well with uniforms and plain clothes, and you can feel safe even if you accidentally wash your hands and get wet!

*Dance club experience
I think we had the experience of making one thing together. I think the ability to come up with ideas and pull everyone can be put to good use in future work! I am currently studying for the future and for the future. After going on to university, I want to solidify my vision for the future!

*To everyone in the dance club
When I retire, I think it’s good to continue without stopping halfway. The sense of accomplishment of having the support of my colleagues and what I’ve done is irreplaceable. So don’t stop everyone, please continue to the end!

BGD-560 Profile / Casio Baby-G
Average Amazon Price: $80 (yes, we may earn a commission on qualifying purchases from our links to Amazon)
Year of first release: 2017
Best for: Kids and Girls
The most distinctive specs:
– 200-meter water resistance (good for swimming but not for deep diving)
– World time (Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world)
– Stopwatch (Measuring capacity: 59’59.99”; Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times)
– Timer (Countdown range: 24 hours)
– 5 daily alarms (The daily alarm reminds you about recurring events with an acoustic signal at the time you have set. This model has 5 independent alarms for flexible reminders of important appointments)
– 3-years battery
Other colors and full specs: BGD-560 Wiki Page

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