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[Baby-G Digital] BGD-560S-6 and Japanese Writer Mr. Kutsuzawa

Spring 2019, Twitter in 3 days Increased 50,000 followers, Mr. Kutsuzawa was in the limelight. Calmly capture the feelings of the younger generation Planning content that reaches many young people “College Student Marketer” The name is roaring as. But what she really cherishes is Not so-called numbers …Currently 21 years old. Remove the SNS filter and I approach her real face.

Originally, I like to read long sentences like novels. If you want to increase the number of followers on Twitter, you need easy-to-understand and monotonous content such as “short videos with lots of telops”, so I myself made a lot of such content. However, if you think in terms of life beyond the framework of SNS, I like works that depict the trivial emotions of human beings and tickle my intellectual curiosity, and I want to cherish them. ..

Right now, I’m reading “Ahen Kingdom Infiltration” by Hideyuki Takano, a non-fiction writer (Shueisha Bunko). It’s a report that infiltrated a land like a lawless area where opium was smuggled a long time ago, but it’s very curious. I’m reading with excitement.

I’m very sensitive to waste. There are places where you can be too sad or hurt by something that has nothing to do with you.

For example, I think that a person who slanders others on SNS has some kind of problem and should be helped. Because I believe in the theory of sexuality, I can’t give up the expectation that “human beings should understand each other if they talk.” But that doesn’t mean there’s a way to save them all at once, and if you spend too much on yourself to save others, nothing will happen. Recently, even if I see such a post, I try to divide it into something that has nothing to do with me, but the conflict of “I want to do something, I can’t do anything” does not disappear.

If my friend is entangled in Nampa, I will help “Who are you?”, And if there is a suspicious person approaching a woman who is drunk and can not walk, “Brother, (her) friend? No, right? Taxi I’ll send it to you. ” It’s really cool, isn’t it? The BABY-G is sturdy, so it’s okay if you get caught up in a brawl in these situations. Fashionable and strong woman. It’s definitely popular around Nakano.

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