[CASIO Review] MTP-1302PD-2A2V “Tiffany Blue” — old shapes in a popular color



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When Casio’s designers create a watch that becomes a classic and remains popular for many years, they can’t predict its success. There’s no magic formula for popularity. Ultimately, it’s up to the users to decide which watches are worth buying. Today, we’re featuring a watch that doesn’t use premium materials in its design but still manages to hold top beauty in the budget category. The MTP-1302PD-2A2V is Casio’s answer to the growing popularity of Tiffany blue, a color made famous by the release of the Rolex Tiffany Blue Oyster Perpetual in 2020. We’ll be reviewing this beautiful watch in more detail on our traditional mag review.

Tiffany… Have you ever wondered how the color got its name? Was it inspired by an actress who wore a stunning turquoise dress to the Oscars, which then became a trend supported by fans? Or could it be the signature color of a famous fashion designer who shocked the world with his collection? Perhaps it’s the trademark color of a paint production company that patented and named it?

Actually no, the history of Tiffany & Co. is much older and more interesting than one may initially assume. It all began in 1837 when Charles Lewis Tiffany opened a simple store, which later grew into a transnational company. The company’s reputation was built upon the use of its signature gift boxes and the creation of the legendary “Blue Book” in 1845, which is something that every jewelry house aspires to have. If a founder is able to achieve this, they can confidently say that their life was not lived in vain.

The color is very pleasing and has a soothing effect, especially if the interior of your room is designed accordingly. It can be easily obtained by “mixing” different components in Photoshop, regardless of the color model used.

It seems that the color of “Tiffany” is becoming more and more popular, and even CASIO has started to introduce models in this color for their G-SHOCK, EDIFICE, and vintage collection. 

If you’re unable to afford a Rolex in this particular color, or it’s not about money but rather your love for CASIO, then you now have the opportunity to purchase a beautiful model from the budget segment of MTP. 

This watch has been on the market for quite a few years, having been released on February 14, 2010. In CASIO were inspired by the legendary design of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust, which was first introduced back in 1945 to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary. Similar to Rolex’s different calibers, CASIO also simultaneously released smaller women’s copies – LTP.

A year later, a model in gold with a black dial came out, and in 2017 with Arabic numerals.

Apart from our featured hero model in the review, there is another model available, MTP-1302PD-2AV, which has a blue dial but does not have the ‘2’ index after the ‘A’. 

This model is also exceptionally well-crafted and looks like it costs a million bucks. Only those who are well-versed with CASIO products will be able to estimate its true value, as an average observer may not be able to guess it accurately.

Case size (L×W×H) 44.2 × 38.5 × 9.2 mm. Weight 105 g.

Case and bezel material – brass-based ion plating.

Approximate battery life: 3 years on the SR626SW

Just look at how beautiful the case and band look in daylight outside. The band is 20mm wide between the lugs and 18mm wide near the lock.

The “Tiffany” dial is a perfect example of laconism and elegance. The hour markers are smoothly polished and gleam beautifully in chrome. They are superimposed on the dial and painted on the sides with precision that is akin to a jewel. The minute scale is designed in a font that fits perfectly with the logo, adding to the dial’s simplicity and beauty. The color is a pure and calm shade that is truly mesmerizing. The inner wall of the case reflects the minute scale, making the watch even more stunning. While some may ask for CASIO inscriptions on the perimeter, it would be better to let it remain a Rolex chip. Overall, the watch is executed with such perfection that it’s hard to imagine how it was realized technically.

The crown of the watch has a diameter of 5.5 mm and is made of brass with an IP coating. It has two positions, one for setting the date and the other for setting the time. The process is straightforward without any complicated steps. However, it is essential to remember to set it to the zero position to prevent moisture from seeping in. Some people remove the crown to save battery power (while keeping on the shelf for a long time), but this is not recommended in damp environments. Personally, I prefer to keep the watch hermetically sealed to ensure it is safe from any damage.

The small date dial is easy to read with its white background, but it doesn’t really stand out. The watch would look even better without it. However, since this watch comes with a popular module, we will need to adjust the date from time to time. The black frame around the window, along with the markers, balances the long markers around 9 o’clock.

The main highlight of the watch is its two-level bezel, which is visually distinct from the case and features the familiar ribbed edges of Rolex. However, in this model, the edges are less aggressive, have smaller dimensions, and blend harmoniously with the other design elements. The second part of the bezel is smooth and serves as a transition from the ribs to the case. The glass is flat and is made at the same level as the bezel, so you should take care to avoid damaging it.

At the bottom of the dial, there is a short inscription about water protection. It’s good that Casio didn’t print a long poem on the watch face, like some Rolexes have, which would make it look too busy. Under the markings, there is an inscription that says “Japan Mov’t,” indicating that this watch was made in a distant country over 8,000 kilometers away from us (or even more). Although not everyone can visit Japan, anyone can have a piece of its beauty on their wrist.

The watch hands are of the “baton” type, which are strict and neatly made. There is plenty of chrome present, and it matches perfectly with the chrome on the markers, which the hour hand almost reaches. The minute hand is also designed well, reaching almost to the scale. The hands make it very convenient to read information from the watch. You can easily get the answer to the question of getting the second hand to the marks on the video. Well, it’s tolerable.

It’s not a fight between two Jedi during a lockdown, it’s the hands of our watch in the dark. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to tell the time accurately, it takes practice, but it’s better than nothing. To be honest, poking a lightsaber at a pretty dial would be completely unjustified.

Yes, the shapes of the watch are undeniably attractive and have a classic look. The lugs are beautifully designed, blending smoothly into the case with no sharp, beveled edges, and boasting a glossy finish. It is impossible not to notice the similarity of the watch’s form to the legendary Rolex.

I believe that technology is constantly improving and that Casio is no exception when it comes to improving the process of coating their old models. In fact, in recent years we have seen many new products with case coating techniques that were unimaginable 10 years ago. I personally think that scratches on the surface of watch cases will soon become a thing of the past. Even stainless steel will be covered with a mesh-like coating, leaving our hero watches with a mirror-like finish.

Do you recognize the calibre [2784]? No? How about if I mentioned “marlin,” DURO, Microsoft? Well, this watch module has been keeping time on Gates’ wrist for years, and if you purchase it, it can do the same for you. Additionally, it is water-resistant up to 5 atmospheres, which means it can withstand hand washing and rain.

Despite being stamped, the band stands out due to its beautiful links with satin-finished edges and a glossy finish on the ends and center band. It complements the case design perfectly and gives the model a more luxurious look. Some people may not like this particular design, which I can understand. However, when you consider the price point, any doubts about its value immediately disappear.

But the wristband puzzled me… I usually don’t like this design ( except for the MTP-1222A, where it is both beautiful and comfortable). For example, in the MTS-100D model, the band has sharp edges that dig into the hand and an unpleasant strong squeak. Here the squeak is almost absent and the edges of the links are smoothed. The lock is not push-button, but it is strong enough due to the plates with stiffening edges, and the clasp is strong enough, so it will not have to be bent over time. At leas that is what I feel during the review, so that’s my “imho”.

The fact that the case is not made of stainless steel [Ion plated] can be recognized from the inscription on the satin-finish back cover. There has never been a model where the word stainless steel back did not reflect the reality and the case turned out to be made of the same material as the cover. For example, the LTP-1177PA has a case of such quality that it is easily mistaken for stainless steel. Only the inscription on the back cover says otherwise. The front cover bevel is polished and reflects perfectly with the case.

It would have been a mistake not to take a complete set of photos of our good-looking son from every angle. You can click on the photos to see the high-quality craftsmanship of what appears to be an average model that was sold for an inexpensive price.


Casio’s budget lineup offers a variety of models that can cater to everyone’s preferences. The release of the MTP-1302PD-2A2V in a new color hints at the brand’s commitment to staying in the market. Holding the watch, you wouldn’t feel the hollowness or metallic smell that’s often present in many other brands’ watches. With its reliable, tested module, you can be assured that you’ll never miss an important meeting and always be in control of your time. Personally, I own three of its famous and favorite models – the MTP-1222A, MDV-106, and MTD-1053 – which have always been wonderful watches that have never let me down.



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