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[EDIFICE Bluetooth] ECB-2000 — Suspension Arm Design and Carbon

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. will release two models of “ECB-2000” designed with the suspension of the formula car as a motif as a new product of the watch brand “EDIFICE” on August 12. It is a Bluetooth solar watch, and the price is 36,300 yen for ECB-2000YPB and 33,000 yen for ECB-2000YD.

The double wishbone system, which is often used for formula car suspensions, is used as a motif, and the lugs that connect the case and band are designed in the shape of four arms. The dial is also designed with intersecting bars.

Carbon fiber reinforced resin was used for the case material for the first time in Edifice. The windshield is sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating on the inside. ECB-2000YPB is a model equipped with a bezel that combines carbon and stainless steel, and is a soft urethane band. ECB-2000YD is a stainless steel bezel and a stainless steel bracelet.

Equipped with a mobile link function by Bluetooth, it can be connected to the dedicated application “CASIO WATCHES” to automatically adjust the time and set the world time. Stopwatch data can be transferred to the app.

It is equipped with tough solar (solar power generation), world time, stopwatch, timer, alarm, fully automatic calendar, and double LED light. The case is water resistant to 10 bar.

The size and weight of the ECB-2000YPB is 47.8 x 51 x 11.3 mm (length x width x thickness), and the weight is about 62 g. ECB-2000YD is 47.8 x 51 x 10.8 mm, about 136 g.

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