[G-SHOCK 2022] ECB-2000MFG-1A — Initial D & MF Ghost Collaboration



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As a new product of “EDIFICE” based on the concept of “Speed ​​and Intelligence”, “EDIFICE” “Initial D” collaborated with two titles of Mr. Shuichi Shigeno, who established the monumental achievement of motor sports manga. ] & “MF Ghost” collaboration model “ECB-2000MFG”. “Initial D” is a motor sports manga by Shuichi Shigeno about a racer on a mountain pass. breakthrough. “MF Ghost” has been serialized in “Young Magazine” since 2017 as its successor. It is a manga about a real road race, and is a popular TV anime scheduled to be broadcast from 2023. “ECB-2000MFG” is a high-performance watch that expresses the world view of motor sports depicted in “Initial D” and “MF Ghost”. Based on the motif of the TOYOTA 86GT driven by Kanata Rivington, the main character of “MF Ghost”, the design is based on red and black. In addition to the onomatopoeia “Gyaa”, which is commonly used in “Initial D” and “MF Ghost”, is engraved on the back of the dial and band, and the metal free ring has a tire mark design when drifting. Engraved with a laser. In addition, the TOYOTA AE86 driven by Takumi Fujiwara, the main character of “Initial D”, has the famous “Fujiwara Tofu Shop (private use)” stamped on the back of the band. rice field. The base model adopts the high-performance chronograph “ECB-2000” equipped with a mobile link function by Bluetooth® and a tough solar powered by the sun or fluorescent light. Equipped with stopwatch, world time setting, alarm function, etc. In addition, TOYOTA Another major feature is the four arm-shaped lug design inspired by the double wishbone suspension used in the rear suspension of the 86GT. Designs that tickle the hearts of fans are applied throughout the watch, creating a model that pays homage to the two titles “Initial D” and “MF Ghost”.


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