[EDIFICE 2023] ECB-2200 — Inspired by Airflow Around the Race Car

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Formula 1 has once again served as an inspiration for Casio’s latest watch series, “Windflow,” which incorporates a philosophy that emphasizes “ailerons” or wings in its design. The first of the series, ECB-2200, comes with Bluetooth capabilities as indicated by the “B” on the model. The watch has been developed with an intricate design model that draws inspiration from the traces of airflow, featuring composite components such as resin reinforced with carbon fiber, also called Carbon Core Guard that G-Shock utilizes.

The ECB-2200 boasts of other features such as Tough Solar technology, a chronograph, a timer, and water resistance of up to 10 bars. Three versions of the watch will be available to customers, one with bold red button accents, ECB-2200P-1A, a completely black version, ECB-2200DC-1A, and a third model with blue accents, ECB-2200DD-1A. The ECB-2200 has a metal front bezel with buttons made of both metal and colored resin shaped in the form of ailerons.

Customers will have the option to choose between resin or polyurethane straps and a metal bracelet coated with black IP technology. The red button and strap watch variant will be the most affordable, priced at €239 in Spain. The blue accented model will cost €259, while the fully black-painted watch, known as the DC variant, will sell for €289, making it the most expensive of all the models. Casio targets a marketing date of September for the release of the series.

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