[EDIFICE 2023] ECB-40MU-1A x MUGEN Brand Collaboration

The Ultimate Guide to All EDIFICEs — composed by Experts

EDIFICE and MUGEN have collaborated to create a highly sought-after, high-performance motorsport watch. The EDIFICE MUGEN EDITION displays the iconic MUGEN brand’s identity, which is known worldwide as a developer and manufacturer of racing engines and aftermarket parts for Honda cars. The timepiece displays four brand colors, including white, red, gold, and black, on the dial, band and band loop. The band also features soft, durable Alcantara material which is stamped with MUGEN’s signature “Eye Commander” symbol. Similar attention to detail is observed on the bezel showcasing a font provided by MUGEN and a minute display.

The watchcase is made of lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced resin, making it strong, yet durable, and has a four-arm arrangement design inspired by formula car suspension lugs. The Smart Link feature connects the watch automatically with a smartphone within range, for accurate time keeping and easy access to world time, alarm, and other operations via the smartphone app. The Super Illuminator on the timepiece illuminates the watch hands and digital display while sapphire crystal provides scratch protection.

Overall, this highly exclusive and specialized timepiece is dedicated to MUGEN enthusiasts across the globe.

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