[EDIFICE 2023] ECB-950 — Bluetooth, Ana-Digi and Tachymeter



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From EDIFICE, a new digital/analog combination model “ECB-950” with a mobile link function via Bluetooth has appeared.

The lineup includes two models, the “ECB-950YDB-1AJF” (44,000 yen) with a silver case and band, and the “ECB-950YDC-1AJF” (51,700 yen) with a black IP.

The octagonal bezel is said to have been inspired by the tools of the racing team. With the mobile link function, automatic time correction and world time city selection can be easily operated and used from a dedicated smartphone application.

The large in-dial on the 4 o’clock side is a speed indicator. Set the distance and measure the lap time to display the average speed. The drive system is tough solar, the case size is 51.2mm (width) x 48.0mm (length) x 13.9mm (thickness), and the weight is 173g.


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