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[Edifice 2020] EFR-S108 – new octagonal minimalism

Following the success of the “octagonal” watches, Casio continues to develop similar series in the Edifice model range. So, in September, there was a new series named Edifice EFR-S108 which is also very thin [7.8mm], very steel, very octagonal, and with sapphire glass. You should agree, it is an excellent set for such a popular form factor.

Casio Edifice EFR-S108D-1AV

Only in contrast to the flagship EQB-1100, today’s hero represents a caste of minimalism, where only the date window reminds of additional functionality. It’s a very nice addition to the row of octagons, because not everyone likes or wants additional windows on the dial. Fortunately, there is a second hand, which we consider mandatory in this kind of watch [what else to admire?].

Casio Edifice EFR-S108D-7AV

Yes, the EFR-S108 series does not have a solar panel, but the analog unit in such an implementation is very economical and a conventional battery will last for 3 years. The watch will not stop suddenly but will hint to replace by the “pause” during the second-hand move [it will jump over 2 divisions]. So you will see when the replacement is necessary.

The strap is made of stainless steel, as is the case. Waterproof 100 meters, which is very OK for a strict classic watch [you can wash your hands and even swim in the pool].

Text is produced by our friends from Casioblog.RU

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