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[Casio Lineage] LIW-M610TSE-1A — with solar & radio features in an all-metal case

Equipped with a multi-needle analog module, LIW-M610TSE-1A has a sporty design. The slim 10.6 mm case features a stopwatch, world time, timer, alarm, date/day display, multiband 6, and a rugged solar battery that eliminates the need for regular battery replacement. The band has a push-button type of adjusting the length. It is a very comfortable model that also uses a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a titanium case that is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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x res
x res
8 months ago

I have a CASIO Tough Solar since 2006 and I love it even though I still need the manual to set it!
I need a strap for it-can not find one! In winter-the solar charge is not good…enuf!

Last edited 8 months ago by x res