[PROTREK 2023] PRW-35 — Smaller and Lightweight version of PRW-30

The Ultimate Guide to All PROTREKs — composed by Experts

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. will release a total of 3 products in May as a new product of “PRO TREK”, a compact and lightweight digital display model “PRW-35” and “PRW-35Y”. It is a radio solar watch, the price is 44,000 yen for “PRW-35” and 46,200 yen for “PRW-35Y”.

A digital display model with a smaller case diameter than the conventional model and a lighter weight due to the difference in materials. It is easy for people with thin arms and women to wear.

Compared to the “PRW-30” on sale, the case width is 44.6mm, which is 0.6mm smaller than 45.2m. Similarly, the length is 51.2mm, which is 0.4mm smaller than 51.6mm. The dial diameter is 39.7mm, which is 0.5mm smaller than 40.2mm.

Biomass plastic is used for the case, band, and back cover, contributing to the reduction of environmental impact. In addition, biomass plastic is lighter than conventional resin, and by adopting biomass plastic for the back cover, we have achieved a significant weight reduction. Where the conventional “PRW-30” was 66g, the “PRW-35” is 45g, achieving a weight reduction of 21g together with the size reduction.

Equipped with 3 large buttons engraved with anti-slip knurls on the side, you can measure direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature, altitude with one push. The liquid crystal is an STN liquid crystal with high visibility and uses a bold font. The band is made of soft urethane material and has a slit for sweat removal.

Equipped with solar power generation function, regular battery replacement is unnecessary. It has a time adjustment function by receiving standard radio waves.

Low temperature resistant specifications up to -10 degrees. Waterproof performance is 10 ATM water resistant. It is equipped with atmospheric pressure tendency indication, atmospheric pressure tendency information alarm. Azimuth, barometric pressure, temperature, altitude can be measured. Equipped with sunrise/sunset time display, world time, 1/10 second stopwatch, timer, time alarm, and full auto LED backlight. The size is 51.2 x 44.6 x 13mm and the weight is 45g.

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