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[ProTrek 2022] PRW-6630NA-1A3 x NANGA — Authentic Outdoor Gear

This is a collaboration model between the authentic outdoor gear PRO TREK for nature lovers and NANGA, a Japanese outdoor bedding and clothing manufacturer. Includes a highly portable eco bag from NANGA, the top manufacturer of domestic sleeping bags. In addition, the NANGA logo is placed on the dial and back cover to express the […]

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[ProTrek Review] PRW-6600YB-3 — for triple sensor fans

After the advanced GBA-800-9AER [where synchronization with the phone works functional wonders], I wanted to return to something “tube-like” and so familiar from the Japanese manufacturer. I did not have to choose for a long time, because in our collection of author’s reviews a rather new model PRW-6600YB-3ER was lost, which is definitely not inferior […]


[Promo] ProTrek PRW-6600 For Outdoor Scenes

From the “PRO TREK (Pro Trek)” pursuit of functionality and operability active in the outdoor scene, evolution continues, a new model equipped with a radio solar equipped with everyday use and a design band that shines in outdoor fashion, PRW – 6600 Newly appearing. This time, three models of simple and easy-to-see watch face design […]