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[ProTrek 2022] PRW-6630NA-1A3 x NANGA — Authentic Outdoor Gear

This is a collaboration model between the authentic outdoor gear PRO TREK for nature lovers and NANGA, a Japanese outdoor bedding and clothing manufacturer. Includes a highly portable eco bag from NANGA, the top manufacturer of domestic sleeping bags. In addition, the NANGA logo is placed on the dial and back cover to express the design unique to the collaboration model. Environmentally friendly biomass plastic is used while maintaining the wearability that is familiar to the arm. It is used for the case, urethane band, and resin back cover. Biomass plastic is a polymer material that contains substances derived from renewable organic resources as a raw material and is obtained by chemically or biologically synthesizing it, and is expected to reduce the environmental load toward the realization of a recycling-oriented society. It is a material that is available. Castor oil is used for the case and back cover, and corn-based biomass plastic is used for the band. Functions include triple sensors that can measure azimuth, barometric pressure / altitude, and temperature, multi-band 6 that supports standard radio waves from 6 stations around the world, and tough solar that stably drives various functions. In the dark, the fully automatic light that automatically turns on just by tilting your arm supports various activities. It is a collaboration model between NANGA, a Japanese brand that is particular about quality and safety, and PRO TREK, a full-scale outdoor watch that continues to evolve as a gear for those who love nature.

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