Genuine Replacement strap for G-SHOCK GA-1000



The Ultimate Guide to All G-SHOCKs — composed by Experts

Blue Strap for G-SHOCK GA-1000-2A
Part ID: 10435443 (official)
Suitable for wrist size: 150 – 220 mm
Width: 22 mm
Lug width: 16 mm
Resin (rubber)

Red Strap for G-Shock GA-1000-4BER
Width: 21 mm
Resin (rubber)

Orange Strap for G-Shock GA-1000-4AER
Width: 21 mm
Resin (rubber)

Grey Strap for G-Shock GA-1000-8A
Width: 21 mm
Resin (rubber)

Black Strap for G-Shock GA-1000-1A
Width: 21 mm
Resin (rubber)


4 responses to “Genuine Replacement strap for G-SHOCK GA-1000”

  1. Allandra Yu Sheng Tak Avatar
    Allandra Yu Sheng Tak

    How do I get a GA1000 replacement strap (black color) to Malaysia? My current City is Kuching,Sarawak

    1. casiofans Avatar

      We do not send them there, you may ask

  2. rochelle villareal Avatar
    rochelle villareal

    pa order ako bracelet GA 1000 color orange

    1. CasioFanMag Avatar

      We do not sell. When we find such a solution, we will provide a link to it.

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