[G-SHOCK Review] DW-B5600G-1 — Perfect Price/Performance/Function Combination

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Whenever a square classic G-SHOCK watch is delivered to me, I cannot help but be amazed. Furthermore, it makes no difference what year, series, or module it belongs to. Simply said, it’s the most traditional and comfortable watch type I’ve ever used. It has several great features, like being lightweight, small, durable, and informative. Today’s review on the site won’t focus on the most classic “squares,” but instead on the modern DW-B5600G-1. P.S. Phone linking is regarded as a sign of modernity in Japan.

While looking at the DW-B5600G-1, I do not see anything new. Of course, a transparent ” swampy” style is certainly impressive. I’m more about the fact that the watch does not give the impression that it is a 2022 new release [the same as any other 5600s]. On the other hand, it is supposed to look like that.

Japanese designers do not want the classics to go away – it’s their history, worldwide love [since childhood], and recognition. But they also understand another thing – the G-SHOCK brand requires an update. The DW-B5600 [and others with Smartphone Link functionality] act as a bridge between the past and the future. The DW-B5600 signifies the entry of the low-cost “plastic” segment into the mass market, whereas previously Bluetooth functionality was only found in high-end products like the GMW-B5000.

That is an interesting direction for evolution, which is set by time and technology and not by the manufacturer. If there weren’t industry competition in the form of smartwatches and multi-sport watches, I believe CASIO would still be producing traditional watches. Otherwise, you have to change, no matter how painful it may be).

In any case, the challenge has been accepted, and we can now see the new-old shocks in the DW-B5600 body. The main difference between the new epoch and its predecessors is the Smartphone Link functionality.

Considering that, the DW-B5600 is not the first inexpensive square G-Shock with Bluetooth, because there is also the GW-B5600 [which I own], but it is definitely the first polyurethane G-SHOCK which can also be called the cheapest in this segment.

The watch seems to be perfect: affordable, classic-looking, and supporting modern features. That is true, but phone Sync cannot be referred to as technological advancement in the watch industry. It is just a great addition to the watch, nothing more. I’ll explain, but let’s first look at all the functionality via the CASIO WATCHES APP.

The process of connecting your watch and phone. You will be able to see the watch in the app once your phone has “found” it.

A set of menus that your phone can control. Basically, you can adjust all of your watch’s settings from your phone.

Example of timer and alarm settings.

Adjusting the time synchronization and choosing the second time zone for world time.

Phone finder function [audible notification] and daylight saving time setting.

As you can see, nothing has changed overall other than the ability to use the Phone Finder feature to locate your phone. No pedometer, calorie counter, or intelligent alerts. Yes, there is automatic accuracy correction, which is awesome. It also provides comfort and makes adjustments simpler. It is no longer necessary to press the small buttons and understand the logic of the settings; it is much easier to do so on the phone.

In fact, the DW-B5600G has duplicate capabilities, but only from the phone, and the phone adds little to the watch’s capabilities. I’m sorry for the play on words, but I think you get my point.

So what am I driving at? It’s not enough for me)). I expect more from such integration. But who am I kidding? Without the MIP display, no one will be able to make a watch more functional.

GBD-200UU-1 with MIP diplay

And with the MIP display, CASIO has no problems with calories, pedometers, etc. So I’ll put my skepticism aside and enjoy the new DW-B5600’s features.

The dial inversion is a little embarrassing, but I’m so used to it in the 5600 that I just accept it. There is, however, a nice backlight that minimizes readability issues.

The inversion, on the other hand, makes the watch more aggressive and stealthy. I, personally, like this design a lot.

I’d also like to draw your attention to the strap. In addition to its swampy transparency [the style is extremely unusual], it is noticeably wider than its classic counterparts. An extra point for the original style.

And the main disadvantage is the lack of solar power. Even though a CR2016 battery will last for three years, solar power is preferable. However, even with the “Solar Battery” my GW-B5600 failed after five years [possibly due to insufficient use].


If I were asked “what affordable G-SHOCK watch would you recommend?”, I would definitely point to the DW-B5600. The reason is simple: Smartphone Link is a more interesting feature than just a regular module. Would I buy myself a watch like this? I doubt it, my square favorite is still the GW-5000U-1 without Bluetooth.

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