[G-SHOCK Review] GA-B2100-1 — an upgraded masterpiece with Bluetooth and Solar Power



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So much has already been said about the G-SHOCK 2100 octagonal case on this blog that I was beginning to doubt my abilities. Is it possible to write something else about the most popular octagons? Probably not, but by revealing the new GA-B2100 series with solar power and Bluetooth sync, the Japanese made me reconsider my attitude towards the series. The appearance has not changed much, but the internal features can be studied differently. Let’s review GA-B2100-1 and understand what’s changed.


We are now witnessing a very simple but reliable CASIO marketing strategy — making up something new and then adding it to all possible favorite and popular G-SHOCK cases. DW-B5600 and today’s hero [GA-B2100] are a good proof of that because every representative has another brother with a basic and so familiar set of functions [DW-5600, GA-2100]. I would call this move very logical – technologies are improving, but to stay with a module from the 90’s is probably not the best prospect for the company’s development [although it could work for a long time]. And this way, we get a fresh, modern module in the beloved form, isn’t it a Japanese magic pill?

Returning to the GA-B2100-1. This form factor impresses with its simplicity and elegance. I resisted this octagonal fever for a long time, as I opposed the hype.

But this “OAK” has changed my position – there is nothing wrong with mass popularity because the watch deserves it. It is very comfortable on the wrist, thin [11.9 mm], lightweight [52 grams], with excellent readability [at least model GA-B2100-1], and functional. 

The functions in the watch take you into a slightly different world, as you have to accept the new reality of controlling the watch with your phone. No, you can do everything in the traditional way, but what’s the point? First, register the GA-B2100-1 in the CASIO WATCHES app, synchronize it with BLUETOOTH and enjoy the new features. 

You can see the battery level on the first screen, which is very important. And then, there is a list of all the possible settings.

Among the interesting things, I would mention the reminder function, where you can set the alarm on a certain date, with a certain text, and with a certain repetition frequency. 

World time works the classic way: you select a time zone and send it to the watch.

I also love the manual hand control feature on my phone. That way you can easily calibrate any inaccuracy [although this is unlikely to happen].  The phone search is very primitive, but it is good to have it anyway. We press the button on the watch, thus forcing the phone to signal.

You get the idea, the features, even though basic, are very nice and convenient. This is the point of CASIO’s new approach to watchmaking. Being a GW-B5600 owner, I will say the following – the app is very handy for making basic settings, automatic time correction and checking the battery charge. All the other features I hardly used. I have enough buttons on my watch to start the timer/stopwatch. But accuracy is one love.

The watch automatically connects to the phone several times daily and calibrates its movement [if necessary]. I’ve gotten used to my CASIO being a perfectly accurate watch. It’s already a Constance. I would rather not make a loud statement, but something tells me Bluetooth precision could kill the radio sync function. Everyone has a phone now, but the radio sync doesn’t always hold up. Let’s wait and see what happens). 

As for materials, the GA-B2100 is the usual reliable G-SHOCK: reinforced Carbon Core Guard case construction, mineral glass, polyurethane strap with removable studs [by the way, another very handy little detail]. 

Backlighting as a separate piece of art.


The GA-B2100 series has become even more interesting. After all, the presence of Bluetooth synchronization and solar power did its job – the new product is something to love and want. You should also give credit to the Japanese designers, who were able to make a masterpiece out of the octagon. In terms of price/quality ratio, the GA-B2100 is beyond the competition [like many other CASIO watches].


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