[G-SHOCK 2023] GBD-200 and Ruotolo Brothers Kade and Tye



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The Ruotolo brothers (@ruotolobrothersjiujitsu), Kade and Tye began learning jiu-jitsu at just 3 years old and won their first tournament only 2 weeks after starting. This early victory was the just beginning of many more and they have since taken the jiu-jitsu world by storm with their dynamic and relentless fighting style.

To be exceptional requires training at the highest level, so having a watch that can keep up with you come rain or shine is crucial. That’s why the GBD200 is the ultimate match for athletes like these brothers. Designed to be shock and water resistant, and equipped with sensor features including a step counter, running distance measurement and burnt calories. This watch also includes a Bluetooth feature, meaning you can access all of you training data from your phone for a greater understanding of your progress.

GBD-200SM-1A5 (White shirts : Kade)
GA-2100-1A1(Yellow shirts : Tye)

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