Best Guide to All G-Shock Watches — composed by Experts

[G-SHOCK 2022] GM-S2100BR and GM-S5600BR — Bronze Color Series

The bronze, copper finish or whatever you prefer to call it, is always very attractive in watchmaking, so taking it to these two special editions that have that tone in all its details and elements is another great success of G-Shock. It also does so on two of its best-selling models: the GM-S2100 (GM-S2100BR-5AER for this edition), and the GM-S5600 (GM-S5600BR-5ER for this edition) which are, as you can see, the S Series, that is, the small-box G-Shocks.

They will also hit the market during the month of September (that month is going to be enormously succulent, from the looks of it), with their metal parts covered with IP technology. In addition, both have their LCDs in positive, with a coppery tone in them.

Casio has wanted to reinforce the monochrome tone only by giving it certain white details in the case of the GM-S2100, which reaches its hands and the dotted indexes. These tones are reinforced by a very dark beige strap, and the buckle, which will also have that bronze tone.

The bad news is that, unfortunately, these models are not scheduled to arrive in Europe and will initially be sold exclusively in the United States.

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