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[G-SHOCK G-STEEL] GST-B100, GST-B400, GST-B500 — Golden Age Series

G-STEEL innovatively interprets the inspiration of “gold” and launched the “Golden Age” black gold series, drawing on the gold symbolizing luxury, love and passion, painting the bezel and time scale, not afraid of erosion and always tough, in every minute and second A dazzling luster shines in the flow.
The case of GST-B100GB-1A9 is multi-faceted and fixed with six screws to enhance the sharp visual sense; the double-layer dial of GST-B400GB-1A9 echoes the golden time scale, and the textured lines on the bezel are simple and neat, showing a distinct personality ; GST-B500BD-1A9 picks the main tone of black supplemented by gold embellished bezel details, hiding the elegant time in the wrist.
The watch is equipped with solar power, Bluetooth connection, automatic calendar and other functions, and the ultra-hard core is not afraid of the test of time.

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