[G-SHOCK 2022] GWF-A1000 and Professional Diver Aolin Jietuo



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Professional diver Aolin Jietuo is the first Chinese athlete to be invited to participate in the Vertical Blue Baja Blue Hole Depth Challenge.
He admitted that wearing a professional diving watch with him can better identify the direction in the ocean and have a sense of security.
GWF-A1000 is the first new pointer display product of the #MASTER OF G# frogman series. It is specially designed for diving professionals. It has Bluetooth function, can be connected to a smartphone, and can keep abreast of tide data at any time. It is also equipped with a diving mode, which can measure diving depth and time to help divers with daily training records.
Frogman GWF-A1000 is now breaking the waves. On the occasion of #gshock40anniversary# , accompany Wang Aolin and more diving enthusiasts to conquer the ocean world and explore the mystery of deep blue!

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