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[Oceanus Solar] OCW-P2000 and Interview with a Diver

CACHALOT’ P2000 , a historic model that broke new ground in OCEANUS released in June this year”series. This full-scale diver’s watch will reign as a new symbol of OCEANUS with its “affinity with the sea”.

Then, what do you think from the actual diver’s perspective, the “sea-specific functions” that enhance practicality during diving, such as ISO standard 200m waterproofing and smartphone link diving function? In order to explore it this time, a comprehensive site for scuba diving and the sea ” OCEAN + α “We interviewed Mr. Yuta Kawamoto, the representative and producer of “.

From the people who want to make a debut to professional divers, the website “OCEAN+α” that conveys the fun and splendor of the sea to all people who enjoy the underwater world by providing highly reliable and useful information about diving.

“About 80% of the people who have a strong image of food in the sea of ​​Japan and feel that the sea is “important for Japanese food”. However, we know that Japan has a wonderful environment for diving, so I think it is our mission to convey the charm of the sea in Japan.” ..

For divers, what is the existence of diver’s watch?
In addition to the operation of “OCEAN+α”, we also operate diving shops in Tokyo, Osaka, and Okinawa. In addition, CASIO develops a dive transceiver ” Logosease ” for conversation underwater.Kawamoto is active in various fields, including being involved in PR of Mr. Kawamoto, who has been a diver for about 20 years and has dived in the countless oceans, has a great impression on CACHALOT.

“Actually, it seems that a diver’s watch that fuses digital and analog like OCEANUS is a new challenge. let alone a clock that works with an app like this CACHALOT. , Information such as diving time recording and detailed calculation such as diving log is obtained from the application. I think that it is exactly what it should be. And the biggest strength of the application is that it can be updated. The equipment of diving is expensive to some extent. However, since I can not update, I absolutely have to replace it. It is not sustainable, but if you update the application you can add features by updating it. Considering that, this CACHALOT has the potential I think it’s pretty big.”

In current scuba diving, what is called a dive computer is the mainstream (and the contents of the solar-powered dive computer are all made by CASIO!). It has its own algorithm and is equipped with functions unique to digital technology, such as deriving the amount of nitrogen accumulated in the body from the water depth and time. However, there is a strong recognition as a “device” for diving into the sea, and it may be another story if it can be used everyday. I think that the “clock” like OCEANUS might be the one that is chosen when considering my lifestyle as a diver.

Mr. Kawamoto who says so, which design of “P2000” series to choose?

“If anything, I like this Durasoft band “P2000C”. I think the image of the sun setting in the sea, right? I think the sea is the brightest when the sun is right above the sea. From that point on, I even changed my daughter’s name to “Yomi,” which made me feel very close (laughs).”

Ability of CACHALOT in water
The diving shop “Coconut Chiba Minato Store” that we cooperated with this time is equipped with a large aquarium where fish and sea turtles can actually swim. Mr. Kawamoto rented out the large tank and experienced Mr. Kawamoto in the actual state of diving in a CACHALOT.

“Large dial and bright LED light. As expected, the visibility was firmly secured. In actual fan diving, it does not dive so deep, but if it is easy to see, it is a problem even if it goes to a certain depth. And what surprised me most was the lightness that I couldn’t imagine because of the size of the product. I think that it is a finish that makes it possible to dive comfortably.If you can only say one desire, the thickness of the diving suit changes depending on the water temperature, so when you wear the watch I wouldn’t say if it would be easier to adjust the belt in water to eliminate the feeling of pressure.”

Currently, Mr. Kawamoto is experiencing the cooperation of CACHALOT and the application by going out to the actual sea. I hope that the situation will be announced at a later date.

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