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[OCEANUS 2022] OCW-S5000EK-1A and Sapphire by Edo Kiriko

From OCEANUS “Manta”, which pursues high-quality finish and thin and beautiful form with “Elegance, Technology” as the brand concept, sapphire material bezels hand-finished by Edo Kiriko craftsmen one by one. This is the adopted model. Edo Kiriko’s sapphire glass bezel is based on the design concept of “There’s a Certain Sliding Light”, and in order to express the change in the light that enters diagonally, one of the traditional Japanese patterns “Senji” is applied and colored with blue-black gradation vapor deposition. The combination of advanced technology and the craftsmanship of Edo Kiriko has created a new design and finish with the fineness of the cut surface and the vivid brilliance of the vapor deposition. In terms of functionality, in addition to the time adjustment function of the watch itself using the radio wave reception function, it is equipped with a time adjustment function using a smartphone link using Bluetooth®. It has both functionality and design.

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