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[Oceanus Solar] OCW-T3000BRE-1A — Briefeing Active Utility Model

Watch and bag. It’s an essential item for business people. I think the point required for both is compatibility of functionality and design, that is, “functional beauty”.
Two years ago, OCEANUS realized a collaboration with a world-class luggage brand with outstanding functional beauty. The team that formed the tag is “BRIEFING”, which offers a wide range of items from business to travel to sports to daily. Under the theme of “travel,” the meaning of the two major partners, the watch and the bag, was clarified, and many topics were talked about even before the launch, and it became popular.
Such OCEANUS and BRIEFING meet again, and this time as the “second”, the collaboration model ” OCW-T3000BRE-1AJR] Will be released.

This time, with the theme of “Active Utility”, we pursue a highly complete model that can be used for various purposes such as active scenes of work and holidays.
The base model is the Bluetooth®-equipped radio solar “T3000”, which has evolved from the first radio solar “T2600”. With the advanced time correction system and smartphone link function, which can be said to be the basic specifications of OCEANUS, it gives users who travel around the world a guarantee of “safety” to get accurate time around the world.

The sporty wide bezel, large three-dimensional bar index, and dynamic face design with thick hour and minute hands make the “T3000” unified in fearless black. The case is treated with black DLC to create a matt image with a hairline finish. In addition, the dial is treated with a red color and the theme color of Briefing, Black x Red, is subtly directed to create a design that maximizes the feel of Briefing. Furthermore, as a proof of collaboration, both logos are placed on the dial and back cover.

And the most notable point that symbolizes this collaboration is the band. This time, it comes with two types of belts that can be used according to the scene, such as a belt that uses the material “Air Ballistic Nylon” that is also used for items released at BRIEFING, and the finish that shares the features of both Is showing.
First of all, the simple black belt is made of high-strength yarn with a hollow structure that is lightweight, yet resistant to abrasion and tearing, and is made of high strength yarn. Realization. Its sporty yet profound appearance makes it easy to imagine that it will play an active role in many business situations. The other is a belt with the motif of “red line webbing tape” which is indispensable for the bags developed at Briefing. At a glance, the design, which is a collaboration model with Briefing, brings a sense of superiority.
With this, it can be said that the worry that it will be cut off by using it has been minimized. It is a belt that has the strength to boast to the world.

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