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[Oceanus Square] OCW-T5000CL-1A — A Watch with a fashionable atmosphere

In the business scene, you want to dress properly while casually showing your individuality. There are various fashion items such as watches, socks, and ties that can bring out individuality in business, but the one I would like to recommend this time is the OCW-T5000, a wristwatch with uniqueness and high functionality.

The “OCW-T5000” is a new model of OCEANUS’s Classic Line, which boasts a deep-rooted popularity due to its advanced technology and sporty design. It uses the first square design in the series. It’s a great thing that you can casually “enjoy fashion” not only in business but also in private. Here, let’s introduce its charm along with the actual wearing scene.

The “OCW-T5000” that appeared this time has a new thin case that covers the dial, and has a square shape with rounded corners while being based on a straight line. Not only the case, but also the newly designed crown has a stylish square shape that matches the square bezel. The “OCW-T5000” that can be seen from the sleeves of the suit creates a fashionable look for adults.

The surface of the dial is made of sapphire glass, which has a single-sided curve and is non-reflective on both sides. By giving it a slight bulge, the design is sharp yet streamlined. The bright blue dial covering does not stand out too much in the business scene and gives the owner a casual elegance and personality.

With the Bluetooth function, it automatically connects to your smartphone four times a day and obtains extremely accurate time from the Internet. It automatically adjusts the time so that it is always accurate, so you can rest assured when you have a series of meetings.

Also, it is encouraging for business travelers who travel a lot overseas that the world’s daylight saving time and time zone information is automatically updated. Since the current position and time information are acquired from GPS satellites, the time of the business trip destination can be grasped immediately. In addition, the time setting of world time corresponds to more than 300 cities.

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