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[Casio Review] WS-1200H-2AV – a fishing watch for everyone

I often see people with flagship phones, but at the same time wearing a very simple Casio digital watch [representatives of the F-91s and the like]. It would seem, why not a smartwatch or at least some luxury watch brand? The answer, probably, lies in a very personal area: love for simple things, emotional attachment to this time display format, thirst for reliability [when you do not think about fast recharging], simplicity enjoyment, etc. You must agree, there are many reasons to love a simple watch [not a smartwatch], and that’s why we strongly believe in a promising future for even minimalistic watches. Let’s take a look at a very functional and affordable watch, the WS-1200H-2AV, which will fit your smartphone perfectly.

The WS-1200 series can be classified as a 2020 new product and belongs to the OutGear [budget version of the ProTrek travel watch division] lineup and surprises with its look and internal features. Well, it’s a great time to sort it all out.

The name “OutGear” seems to hint at an “escape,” but this escape is associated with nature. The WS-1200 series is a story about fishing. A glance at the dial immediately makes one look at the window with floating fish, and the FISHING GEAR inscription on the bezel only reinforces this understanding.

The function cannot be considered as a “dead” one. It is based on the Moon’s age, and the watch does predict the pecking probability at a specific day and time [even in the future, because you can choose the date]. The moon age information is not a secret. It works just about like our regular calendar [where the moon will be at some position and distance on a specific day], and the calendar is already built into the watch until the year 2099. So that’s the logic behind what’s going on: the calendar and the Moon’s influence on our lives make the watch customized for fishing [or anything else that has a dependence on our satellite]. 

You choose the exact time and day of the week and observe the number of fish on the map. That’s how the function works. The feature is for old-school fishers because modern fishers use more advanced fishing methods [or am I wrong?] Nevertheless, the watch can still be called a professional. The only question is: do fishers use such techniques? This positioning seems to be more about the love for fishing, and whether you use them for their intended purpose or not – it does not matter.

I am indifferent to the fishing hobby, but that doesn’t stop me from going out on the lake from time to time. Will I use the fishing feature on these few occasions? Probably yes, probably not. Only one thing is clear to me – the watch will remind me not to forget about my hobby every time I check the time.

The second best watch feature is the beauty of the fish display. The fish come closer in the timer mode, the fish run away in the stopwatch mode. 

And the auto-repeat timer is excellent too [perfect for interval sports activities].

The alarm is not quite simple either: you can set it for daily triggering, for a specific date, for monthly triggering.

The third feature is the sporty look. The watch will suit you very well if you like a sporty style or just basic sporty functionality.

The fourth reason is the 10-year-old battery. It’s just a TOP.

Unlike the ProTrek, the WS-1200H-2AV uses elementary materials [which affects its price, of course]: acrylic glass, resin case, and strap. The 100-meter water resistance allows you to swim with your watch [another advantage for fishers].


WS-1200H-2AV is a lovely watch. Despite its “budget” nature, this watch is something to admire [especially the fish, if you like it]. Anglers will get their emotional outlet, but I think even the casual passerby will appreciate the beauty of the look and the basic digital functionality of the WS-1200H-2AV. Yes, it is a watch that simply performs its primary tasks and does them perfectly at 10-year intervals.

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Fernando Grau
Fernando Grau
3 months ago

… and the 10 minutes reminding progressive bar, right at the center of the bezel, to remind you to check bait and cast again! super cool!