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G-Shock GA-1000 User Manual / Casio Module 5302

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Casio Watch Line: G-Shock
Module number: 5302
Manual in PDF: Watch 5302 Online → (without downloading, good for mobile);
English Instruction Manual in PDF: Download

Keep your watch collection safe and guard!

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Video Guide on G-Shock GA-1000 Functions

Video Tutorial How to set Home City on GA-1000

Setting for summer time

Completing Home City settings

Video Tutorial How to set Current Time and Date on GA-1000

Toggle the setting between 12-hour and 24-hour timekeeping

Adjusting the time

Adjusting the date

Completing the current time and date setting

Video Tutorial How to set Digital Compass on GA-1000

Taking compass readings

Using Bearing Memory

Video Tutorial How to Switch to Thermometer Mode on GA-1000

Taking temperature readings

Video Tutorial How to set World Time on GA-1000

Selecting the city

Setting for summer time

Video Tutorial How to set Stopwatch on GA-1000

Measuring time with a stopwatch

Measuring split times

Video Tutorial How to set Countdown Timer on GA-1000

Setting the countdown start time

Starting the countdown

Stopping the alarm

Video Tutorial How to set the Alarm on GA-1000

Toggle the setting between ON and OFF

Setting the alarm time

Stopping the alarm

Using the Hourly Time Signal

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Paul Durso
Paul Durso
7 years ago

i replaced the batteries and now the hands do not match the time that i set it at

Yatharth Yaduvanshi
Yatharth Yaduvanshi
6 years ago

After replacing the battery the above screen shows ‘open’ and lower shows ‘1-1’ and I can’t adjust time and I can’t use thermometer and compass Please help

3 years ago

Can we have a printed manual of setting this watch. I have tried to follow the setting videos and only give me headaches. I have misplaced the manuals and I have been using the watch for 5 years now.