[G-SHOCK 2024] DW-5600UBB-1, DW-5600UHR-1 and others with Updated LED Light



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The Ultimate Guide to All G-SHOCKs — composed by Experts

Introducing the upgraded 5600 series watch, now featuring a high-brightness LED lighting function that brings a fresh and fashionable vibe to these timeless classics.

With the DW-5600UBB-1, a cool black color scheme exudes a mysterious aura. The DW-5600UHR-1 showcases a unique style that epitomizes the power of trendiness. For those seeking a casual and simple look, the GM-5600U-1 with its silver squares adds a touch of breakthrough flair. Lastly, the GM-5600UB-1 boasts a pure texture and an all-black appearance that reflects an essence of toughness.

Embracing new trends and embracing diverse imaginations, the new 5600 series watches redefine pure style through their classic square shapes.


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