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[G-Shock Review] GR-B100-1A3 – a new generation of aviators with route logging

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The main feature of the ‘aviators’ is the watch’s aviation-inspired style, improved shock-resistant characteristics [i.e., stability during rotation] and certain unique functions used only by aviators. Unfortunately, the last point was not always in place, and we’d often seen just the typical electronic functionality of G-Shocks. Even the Japanese used to create the most advanced flagship series, followed by its cheaper version without any expensive technological features.

Blue GR-B100-1A2, green GR-B100-1A3, gold GR-B100-1A4

The GR-B100 series has become that very same advanced GRAVITYMASTER flagship, with unique durable characteristics and specific functionality. That sounds like the perfect combination for the best operation, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

The look. GR-B100-1A3 turned out to be so damn stylish. The blog’s old-timers will probably find its similarities to the beautiful GIEZ unit models [already resting in peace in the archives].

Side cover protectors [looked like they are made of a dense polyurethane material] merge with the metal casing [here is the sandwich structure for you, but only on the outside] as independent parts.

It seems like they can be removed, and we’ll just have a round G-Shock dial in front of us.

The large LCD display [for the first time with 7 × 33 points for better information readability] deserves a separate mention.

I was very surprised to see the green background around the main electronic indexes. It seems like nothing special, but this particular shade permeates the entire watch: the green line on the backlight button, the ‘connect’ inscription and other important symbols.

Now the electronic window is also responsible for the color, whereas previously we saw only the inversion and the classical types. I’m sure that on the technical side, the solution is rather simple, but as far as the new design possibilities – it is very much ok. Does the shape of the digital window remind you of anything?

It takes after the ‘glass cabin’ – the aircraft cockpit, which includes the electronic displays. You got it – the aviators have to inherit real aviation features…

GR-B100 has as many as six buttons: four classic ones [on the sides], one responsible for the connection with the phone and one more, responsible for the backlight. In general, this is a significant amount, which, once again, indicates the strong functional part of this series. An important point: the metal buttons stick out a bit too far, which looks kind of unusual but is very convenient in use.

Functional and technological part. First of all, I’d like to point out the presence of a solar panel [Tough Solar] on the watch [under the main display], which keeps the battery safe and sound for a long time [I wanted to say forever, but the only eternal thing is music]. Usually, the presence of a solar battery indicates that there is radio synchronization [for accuracy], but this isn’t the case. GR-B100-1A3 does not utilize the MultiBand 6 technology, and synchronization with a smartphone via Bluetooth [4 times a day] and the support of a special G-Shock Connected app are responsible for accuracy.

While in the past I had to study the manual for hours [and only the English one, since it is usually the most complete] in order to analyze watch functions and possibilities, now the entire educational process is taken on by the smartphone. And this, you guys, is just a fantastic feature. For example, the watch came with the incorrect current time and I simply could not figure out and did not want to deal with studying the key combinations for setting the correct time zone. After the watch was first registered in G-Shock Connected app, the program immediately determined the correct time zone and the arrows automatically assumed the right position.

Flight Log. The Japanese emphasize the flight log function in a separate tab.

This function’s purpose is to allow you to mark spots on the map, and in time this spots will help you to build a so-called movement route. In order to do this, you need to hold down the lower right button on the watch for half a second, and your location and time [from the phone, of course] will be spotted on the map. Once you arrive at the airport number 2, you press this button one more time and the new point will also be reflected in the application. As a result, you will get sort of a 3D map of your route through the planet.

This feature sounds kind of fun, but I do not want to discuss the practical value of this particular feature. If there are real-life pilots among my readers, we would love to know your opinion, but for now it looks like a toy for statistics fans. Important point: this feature only works when the device is linked to the phone [and therefore the GR-B100 should be connected], since the watch does not have a GPS, and all the information is drawn from your gadget’s settings.

World clock

Works traditionally – “Home City” is considered to be the main [displayed by arrows], while you can follow the “World Time” in digital format. Of course, you can switch between the main and the world time just with one tap on your smartphone. In general, it is mega convenient.

Multi-function alarm clock

I was also pleased with the alarm clock, since you get as many as 5 alarm clocks to use, with the ability to set the trigger frequency to once, daily, monthly or yearly.

It’s also very cool that each alarm can be renamed, not just remain AL1, ec.

For example, you have an anniversary coming up, and the watch knows about it.

It has a timer as well, but with is no extra features.

Backlight. The arrows and hour marks of this watch have a fissile coating, and the backlight is double: one for the arrows and separate one for the digital window [LED]. I have the following feedback to share – the illumination is fantastic.

“Specifications of GR-B100”]

  • Case / bezel material: Resin / Stainless steel
  • Resin Band
  • Neobrite
  • Shock Resistant
  • Mineral Glass
  • 200-meter water resistance
  • Solar powered
  • Double LED light LED light for the face (Full auto LED light, Super illuminator, selectable illumination duration (1.5 seconds or 3 seconds), afterglow) LED backlight for the digital display (Full auto LED light, Super illuminator, selectable illumination duration (1.5 seconds or 3 seconds), afterglow)
  • Mobile link (Wireless linking using Bluetooth®)
  • World time 39 time zones* (39 cities + coordinated universal time), one-touch UTC time zone, daylight saving on/off, auto summer time (DST) switching, Home city/World time city swapping *May be updated when connected to a smartphone.
  • 1/1000-second stopwatch Measuring capacity: 00’00″000~59’59″999 (for the first 60 minutes) 1:00’00″0~23:59’59″9 (after 60 minutes) Measuring unit: 1/1000 second (for the first 60 minutes) 1/10 second (after 60 minutes) Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time
  • Countdown timer Measuring unit: 1/10 second Countdown range: 24 hours Countdown start time setting range: 1 second to 24 hours (1-second increments and 1-hour increments)
  • 5 multi-function alarms (with countdown, daily, 1 time, schedule)
  • Hourly time signal
  • Hand shift feature (Hands move out of the way to provide an unobstructed view of digital display contents)
  • Battery level indicator
  • Full auto-calendar (to year 2099)
  • 12/24-hour format
  • Button operation tone on/off
  • Power Saving (display goes blank and hands stop to save power when the watch is left in the dark)
  • Regular timekeeping Analog: 3 hands (hour, minute (hand moves every 10 seconds), second), 1 dial (countdown indicator) Digital: Hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, day
  • Accuracy: ±15 seconds per month (with no mobile link function)
  • Approx. battery operating time: 6 months on rechargeable battery (operation period with normal use without exposure to light after charge) 19 months on rechargeable battery (operation period when stored in total darkness with the power save function on after full charge)
  • Size of case : 62.5×53.8×17.3mm
  • Total weight : 87g

You can even light up the keyhole at night to insert a key. In fact, while the illumination is on, you can experience the amazing depth of the display. The digital window is fully illuminated, and not just from one corner. The only drawback – I could not find the automatic backlight activation depending on the wrist angle, but it’s not critical [a separate backlight button is very convenient].


Thick two-layered polyurethane [the layers are perfectly visible and different in color], with a reliable double-prong clasp.


The new GR-B100 aviators continue to please the fans of the brand with their best technologies and functional capabilities [this is what the manufacturer is known for]. The aviation spirit is confirmed by the route logging function and the watch design itself [especially the electronic window]. The solar panel and improved shock-resistant characteristics are two more advantages for using the watch under extreme conditions. The link with the phone in itself provides a new generation of possibilities that will definitely please the consumers, and whether you can fully use this feature depends entirely on you.


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Firstly published, but we carefully translated into English.

Some FAQ moments about G-Shock GR-B100 Series

What is 200 Water resistance?

G-Shock GW-B5600 is suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports, but not suitable for diving.

What is G-SHOCK Connected App?

This is the basic application for connecting and communicating with a Bluetooth(R) v4.0 enabled CASIO watch. Pairing your watch with a smartphone enables use of a variety of different Mobile Link functions that greatly enhance the smartphone experience. The G-SHOCK Connected app also simplifies certain watch operations by letting you perform them on your phone screen.

What is Mobile link (Wireless linking using Bluetooth(R)) ?

Wireless function link with mobile phones that support Bluetooth®.

What is Tough Solar?

CASIO’s original solar-charging system converts not only sunlight but also light from fluorescent lamps and other sources into power.

GR-B100 Profile / Casio G-Shock
Average Amazon Price: $225 (yes, we may earn a commission on qualifying purchases from our links to Amazon). Check the Price on Amazon →
Year of first release: 2018
Lineup: GRAVITYMASTER (Developed in response to pilots’ needs, these tough watches offer improved accuracy, strength and practicality. Famous for unique and beautiful aviation design (usually analog) and advanced technologies.) All G-Shock Gravitymaster Watches →
Best for: Military, Army and Police UseBig WristsPilots and Travel, Top in G-Shock Lookbooks
The most distinctive specs:
200-meter water resistance (good for swimming but not for deep diving)
Full-dot STN display (A large 7 x 33 dot LCD enables clear, high-resolution digital display of the alarm and 1/1000-second stopwatch functions)
G-SHOCK Connected App (you may manage all watch settings through your phone)
Tough Solar (CASIO’s original solar-charging system converts not only sunlight but also light from fluorescent lamps and other sources into power)
Mobile link (Wireless linking using Bluetooth(R)) (for time sync with your phone data)
Flight Log (records location and time data during the flight. It’s addictive watching the 3D map display in the app)
Other colors and full specs: GR-B100 Wiki Page

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