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[G-SHOCK 2022] GA-2100SRS, DW-5600SRS — Iridescent Color Series

For the first time in G-SHOCK, the Iridescent Color series, in which the entire surface of the windshield glass is vapor-deposited, will be released.

As the model name suggests, the base models are the square case “DW-5600”, the octagon bezel “GA-2100”, and the big case “GA-110”. Functions and performance are the same as the base model for each model.

“Rainbow deposition” is used for the windshield of this work. I imagined the ever-changing midsummer dusk. Due to the use of special thin-film deposition, there are individual differences in how each product shines. Therefore, it is also attractive to have “your own brilliance”.

It will be an item that stands out not only in everyday life such as in town and school, but also in the summer leisure scene.

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