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[G-SHOCK 2022] GW-8230B-9A for 30th FROGMAN Anniversary

Onthe occasion of the arrival of #gshock40anniversary#, the #MASTER OF G# “FROGMAN” series also ushered in the 30th anniversary. For this reason, G-SHOCK released the GW-8230B-9A replica watch, which is quite impressive Collection value, great significance!
The watch model is based on DW-8200 and inherits the same hard core style as before. The whole watch model is wrapped in matte black resin, which can effectively resist the impact of the tide. The words on the bezel are embellished with gold to improve visual recognition; the back engraving and LED backlight use frogmen 30th Anniversary Logo, Details Show Special Collectible Value!
The GW-8230B-9A replica watch is about to be officially released, accompany you to stalk fearlessly and ride the wind and waves.

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