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[G-SHOCK 2023] MRG-B2000GA — High-Class Gassan for 40 Anniversary

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This special 40th Anniversary Edition MRG features a distinctive high-class Gassan finish and will be limited to only 500 units worldwide.
Due to the Gassan style this G-Shock inherits 800 years of traditional Japanese sword making techniques. This can be seen at the case which has a gorgeous pattern that appears when pure titanium is heat-treated, expressing the Nie pattern as seen in the blade patterns of high-end Japanese swords. The bezel is made of hybrid titanium, which is formed by combining pure titanium and Ti64 titanium and recrystallizing it. Gassan’s most distinctive feature probably is the goregous forged skin pattern called Ayasugi. This process creates the unique patterns and color tones. The color used by Gassan is a new blue-gray color that expresses the iron color said to be the color of famous swords.
The watch features a shock-resistant structure with αGEL build into the crown. Sapphire crystal is used with an internal non-reflective coating. The time can be automatically adjusted via Multi-band 6 radio waves and by connecting to a smartpone via Bluetooth. This watch is class 1 anti-magnetic and has a water resistance of 20 bar (200m). It is equipped with dual dial time, day and date display, stopwatch, timer, time alarm and automatic hand retraction function. This new high-end MRG is enhancing both robustness and operability.

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