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[G-SHOCK 2023] MRG-BF1000R-1A — Introducing the high-tech MRG FROGMAN

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An impressive feat of engineering, the new MRG-BF1000R Frogman sports an unusual silhouette themed on robustness and functionality, and packs a myriad of futuristic functions dedicated to the avid diver.

ISO-certified to be water resistant to a depth of 200m, the Frogman has a head-turning case that comprises several components that were individually polished before assembly. The asymmetric silhouette of the Frogman has become the calling card of this dive watch collection. This unmistakable shape not only makes it stand out, but is also made to protect this watch while enabling the unrestricted movement of its wearer.

Don’t be afraid to dive and embark on other outdoor activities with your Frogman, because its shock-resistant structure has several layers of fluoro rubber buffers fitted in between the various parts of its case and bezel. The crown too has airtight screw-lock construction and fluro rubber components that absorb shock. Its corrosion-resistant and lightweight face-guarding components are made of titanium and treated with the same deep-layer hardening process that is applied to the 40th anniversary edition G-SHOCK models, then DLC coated afterwards to provide even greater strength and abrasion resistance.

Furthermore, the 70 plus exterior components that make up its complex structure include an O-ring waterproof sealing and a screw-lock construction press-fit sapphire crystal. A huge advantage of this press-fit design is it optimizes the built-in antenna’s radio wave reception sensitivity – this is essential to the G-SHOCK as radio waves help ensure time-telling accuracy. You can switch between current time and elapsed dive time displays easily thanks to three dual-coil motors, and even view your diving times and locations when you pair your Frogman with your Casio Watches smartphone app. The Frogman and Casio Watches app also enable you to view the tide graphs for approximately 3,300 spots around the world. Like other modern G-SHOCK models, the Frogman’s accuracy is ensured by Bluetooth® and radio signals.

A versatile and handsome accessory that is suitable for all occasions, the new MRG-BF1000R Frogman is secured to the wrist by a durable fluro rubber strap that is interchangeable and has a Ti64 titanium alloy buckle and band loop. When you screw-lock the crown, which is engraved with the MR-G logo, a special system ensures that this logo will perfectly align horizontally. Flip this watch over to enjoy a vibrant blue case back that has been colored via vapor deposition and engraved with the frog character from the first-generation of Casio G-SHOCK Frogman watches.

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