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When you open the package and you see a beautiful red inscription on the box “Honda Racing Limited Edition”, you immediately imagine the image of a car gadget [or sports cars and even motorcycles in general]. But indeed it is, in the limits of the EQS-800HR-1A there is a lot of design from “Honda”, which fans of the brand of the automobile team will appreciate. Consider all these points in more detail in the traditional review of the EQS-800HR-1A on the blog of fans of Casio.

As mentioned earlier, automotive styling is visible even at the time of unpacking the watch. You will not find this everywhere, only the selected Casio limits are awarded with exceptional honor.

The “tin can” style box is made in the texture of the finish flag, and the insert-stand with a racing car is another hint at the limited edition of the Edifice representative.

Packing by packing, you won’t carry it with you, so let’s look at the elements of the Honda brand in the more important design of the EQS-800HR-1A. Personally, for the first time I see such a successful synergy of Edifice watches with the colorful style of another company. It feels like the EQS-800 are made for this collaboration. A little official video for you to warm up)) …

Red, white and carbon – underlie the stylistic beauty limit. Moreover, this gamut is impossible not to notice: what is only a high-quality leather strap with a white front side and, for a moment, a carbon texture [only if you look closely].

The red rear, the red extra threads at the mount with the case and the red strap holder with the embossed “Honda” lettering – everything looks very premium and luxurious. I never thought that a white strap gives the watch such elitism.

Pay attention to the way the strap is attached to the case – the pin passes through a dense steel case, where it already holds two strap loops. I can’t say anything about the practicality of this method, but it definitely brings its beauty – the case seems even more massive and dynamic. I wonder how easy it is to find a strap with this type of fastener on sale. This is already a question for official suppliers.

Sorry, for some reason I started my story with a strap, and not with a more advanced part [for example, a display]. Apparently, he had such a strong influence on me. The case itself EQS-800HR-1A is definitely no worse [in terms of design]. The watch does not look huge [50 × 47.5 × 12.7mm], such a confident size standard on your wrist.

The dial design, as is usually the case with Edifice, resembles the dashboard of a sports car. Contribute to this, of course, additional functional windows and carbon texture background. Not without its branded red-white Honda: hands, hour markers, a red line around the bezel, a red solar power scale and a red “Honda Racing” inscription.

From the point of view of technology and functions, the watch cannot be called the limit of perfection. Casio also has more advanced models in its arsenal, but the simplicity and importance of the functional set are perfectly combined in the EQS-800HR-1A. For example, thanks to new advances in the development of solar panels and batteries, the Japanese managed to make the EQS-800 with a so-called solar battery and with the presence of a carbon texture on the display. Previously, this could not be considered, since the carbon fiber does not transmit light and the battery will not have enough energy to charge.

In principle, nothing has changed since then, only now a minimum of lighting is enough to charge the battery and the solar panel in place of three additional windows helps in this. Therefore, the EQS-800HR managed to get the technology of solar power and without suffering at the same time design changes.

The functionality of the additional dials perfectly conveys the picture from the official instructions.

Where, as you already understood, nothing special happens. The window at 3 o’clock is responsible for displaying the time in 24 hour format [if you accidentally mixed up the morning and evening], and the other two – for the stopwatch [seconds and minutes]. For the sake of overview interest, I had to test the start button of the stopwatch, where the upper right starts the countdown and the lower zero resets. Very primitive and uninteresting, so I don’t even know who will use this feature for its intended purpose.

“Specifications of EQS-800”]

  • Case / bezel material: Stainless steel
  • One-touch 3-fold Clasp
  • Stainless Steel Band
  • Mineral Glass
  • Screw Lock Back
  • 100-meter water resistance
  • Solar powered
  • 1-second stopwatch
    Measuring capacity: 29’59
    Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times
  • Battery level indicator
  • Date display
  • Regular timekeeping
    Analog: 3 hands (hour, minute, second),
    3 dials (stopwatch minutes, stopwatch seconds, 24-hour)
  • Accuracy: ±20 seconds per month
  • Operating time from full charge until hands stop: Approx. 5 months Size of case : 50×47.5×12.7mm
  • Total weight : 170g

Here is the date indicator very necessary [under the 4-hour mark], but there is also a minus – the calendar is not automatic, which means it will always show 31 days. Only manual correction every month will be able to correct this inaccuracy. This is another confirmation of the “budget” of the module. Beautiful yes, technological – not very. Solar power, of course, pulls the module to a new level for itself. If not for the panel, the clock would have remained the same and would have no advantages over older counterparts.

The moving of the second hand will tell you when the clock needs more lighting for normal operation – the hand may jump over several divisions and not work as smoothly as you are used to.

By the way, do you see the inscriptions “H”, “M”, “L” at the 6-hour position? So theoretically, you can check the charge level: someone should point to “L” for example, which will indicate a low “Low” level. Alas, in an intuitive way I could not find a way to check this, but the instruction helped. It turns out that you need to pull out the crown one click and hold down the bottom button – then the arrow “stopwatch” will show you the battery level. A good opportunity, because I have already begun to think that these letters are only for beauty.

The back cover also received the inscription “Honda”, if for someone it is important. There is no backlight in the watch, but the glass is mineral. That’s basically it.


The EQS-800HR-1A is, as one would expect, designed more for style. Designers definitely managed to create a product in a harmonious combination with the color tone of the Honda Racing team. This includes an abundance of red and white, multiple inscriptions and a chic strap for beauty and quality. The module itself is also nice, but not functional. The model is precisely reliable thanks to solar power, which is a pleasant feature of the series.

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