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[Edifice Review] EQS-900PB-1B — when stylish watches are also reliable

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Sometimes, in ordinary life, one has to face an interesting phenomenon. I am asked to evaluate a particular watch model for its quality. At the same time, they provide links to the company’s name, BUT with a “stunning” appearance. Yes, such companies exist and I am aware of this, and their creations belong to the newfangled direction of “designer watches”. Moreover, do not believe it, there are not only quartz, but also mechanical mechanisms. Why am I painting this all here? And to the fact that such designer watches are just a wrapper without candy. The guys just buy the cheapest watch modules and sell, by the way for normal money, under the sauce of designer appeal. I’m asking you, don’t get fooled by this strange candy, as soon as you start to study the features of the “core”, interesting things will come up right away: arrows can fly off, do not lower them into water, a battery for a year with a tail, metal without adequate elaboration, etc. I am sure there are many manufacturers with a solid history who have eaten their teeth on quality and, of course, with an attractive design. You just need to search, and today I will show you just one such model called EQS-900PB-1B.

The EQS-900 represents the latest solar powered chronograph models from the high-tech EDIFICE line. The sports car design of the watch is developed using carbon fiber, an indispensable material for racing cars, which gives the novelty a special personality.

EQS-900PB-1A and EQS-900PB-1B

This is what I call the right designer watch. It has everything you need: a beautiful modern car style with a carbon dial and a strap a la rubber tread, and technology [solar power], and a reliable accurate module [tested over the years], and water resistance [and far from a basic level] and even very nice features, which in principle are far from a priority in this segment [we are talking about the date window and stopwatch]. It is simply impossible not to trust the watch.

My attitude is not related to Casio watch addiction. If I got links to the same Seiko, Orient, Citizen – it’s not a question, I’m sure of these brands and I can definitely recommend it. Because I’m just for a good watch, and not for something incomprehensible, but with a high price tag.

Let’s return to the EQS-900PB-1B, namely to the functional part. I can’t but focus on the possibility of recharging the watch’s battery from the sun, because in a watch with a carbon dial it was once impossible to do at all. The fact is that carbon fiber does not transmit light, which means that the battery will not be able to power normally. But, starting with the EQS-800 series, the Japanese solved this problem with a new, improved technology for using the solar panel.

The modeling is very visual, so no one should have questions about the principle of operation. A feature of the series is the use of minimum coverage to absorb the sun, which means that the carbon panel is not a hindrance at all.

As for the additional windows, they are responsible for the following information [figure below].

In principle, nothing surprising, for the stopwatch there are two windows at once: one counts the usual seconds [not milliseconds], the second – minutes, which are only 30 [which means your stopwatch will only work 30 minutes]. I will not hide, the functionality is very meager [and boring], but the stopwatch is definitely not an EQS-900PB-1B chip, and the potential consumer should not pay attention to it. There is – and already good. The 24-hour window at 12 o’clock will tell you morning now or evening. It also helps well at the initial stage of setting the time, because the period of scrolling the clip with the date may depend on it [so that it is not so that the date changes at 12 o’clock in the afternoon].

The bezel does not rotate, although in a watch of this kind it can be more functional. He trite duplicates minute information, but does it beautifully – to the beat with blue accents on the dial itself.

The strap is already traditional for Edifice – a thick piece of polymer material that seems to outlive all of us. At least, there should be no such cracks familiar to a thin polymer. Well, do not forget about the similarities with the car tire, which is also very much in topic.

“Specifications of EQS-900”]

  • Case / bezel material: Stainless steel
  • One-touch 3-fold Clasp
  • Stainless Steel Band
  • Mineral Glass
  • Screw Lock Back
  • 100-meter water resistance
  • Solar powered
  • 1-second stopwatch
    Measuring capacity: 29’59
    Measuring modes: Elapsed time, 1st-2nd place times
  • Battery level indicator
  • Date display
  • Regular timekeeping
    Analog: 3 hands (hour, minute, second),
    3 dials (24-hour, stopwatch minutes, stopwatch seconds)
  • Accuracy: ±20 seconds per month
  • Operating time from full charge until hands stop: Approx. 5 months Size of case : 51.5×47.6×12mm
  • Total weight : 156g


The conclusion is simple, you do not need to look at the brand names if you are looking for a watch with an automotive style. The EQS-900PB-1B model will show you what Japanese quality is, the beauty of design and will delight you with truly working functions.

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