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[G-Shock Review] GWX-5700CS-2ER – Surfing, Interval Timer and other

The past is returning, but with a new set of features and modern technologies. So I call the GWX-5700CS series, which borrowed the look from representatives of the DW-5750s and do not mind competing [in sales] even with the top models of the famous G-Shock-s. Consider the model GWX-5700CS-2ER in more detail on the blog […]

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[G-Shock Review] G-7900-1ER – When the Old Gives Odds to Young

The main charm of G-Shock-s lies in their ability not to lose relevance even many years after the release. Despite the emergence of more advanced and high-tech representatives of the line, there is a certain category of so-called “old men” who are not only still actively sold, but also acquire new color options. The recent […]

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[G-Shock Review] GW-B5600BC-1 — Ultralight and Ultra-functional

Quite often [on the blog] waves of discontent [in the comments] in the style of “Casio is no longer a cake” appear. No matter how much you argue [at first glance]: there aren’ t so many breakthrough technologies anymore, and the latest innovations are basically some kind of restyling of already existing cases. It is […]

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[G-Shock Review] GWG-1000-1A3ER – Size and Functions are at the Same Level

Hello, guys, it’s time to show the “heavy artillery” of Casio watches – that’s what I call any representatives with a price tag of $ 1000. So, the year 2019 has become a landmark for us in this regard, since we have never intervened in this segment. Fortunately, proven stores [our partners] allow you to […]

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[G-Shock Review] DW-5900BB-1ER — Stealth, Old-School and “Three-Eyed” Numeral

The Japanese watchmaking [in this case, Casio] has one interesting feature – Casio’s “reissue” the old models with a certain frequency, while trying to keep everything to its maximum in its original form. One of such examples is the recent DW-5750 – G-Shock fans immediately recognized one of the first buildings in the shock-resistant direction, […]

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[G-Shock Review] GA-2000-1A9 — Carbon in Case and Removable Strap

Guys, today’s review slightly reveals a veil of secrecy [if it, of course, was] a new-fashioned protective concept of the corps, which the Japanese called Carbon Core Guard, because I have one of the representatives of the newest generation G-Shock – GA-2000-1A9. It can be said that Casio has reached a new level of reliability […]

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[G-Shock Review] GST-B100-1AER — Metal and Japanese Futurism

A blade-sharp screw with a bright metallic shine gazing intently into the eyes of its new master. The austere lines are painfully beautiful to look at, and the impact resistance is “sewed” into each element of the watch case. Take a closer look at the GST-B100-1AER model of the new G-Shock direction, the G-Steel, in […]

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[G-Shock Review] GBD-800-8ER — Introvert Sports Trainer

The development of the sports direction of the G-Shock watch was not long in coming: after the first GBA-800, the Japanese almost instantly showed the world a version in digital format called GBD-800. A fully digital format is always a more informative look and more convenient use of functions. Like it or not, I will […]

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[G-Shock Review] MTG-B1000-1A — Premium Look and Features

The current range of G-Shock is so diverse that sometimes you wonder how designers manage to invent so many different, dissimilar solutions, while the target audience always knows – before them is another representative of the legendary shock-resistant direction. Personally, from the entire G-Shock “brotherhood” I single out the MTG direction, which makes its own, […]

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[G-Shock Review] DW-D5500BB-1ER – Very Masculine, Almost for the Terminator

Sometimes it seems to me that I have already seen all the G-Shock-and it makes no sense to review the next “repeated” representative from this shock-resistant direction. But it is not. Looking through the offers on the market [which are in active sale], I always come across something new. True, this “new” may be long […]