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Battery for Edifice EFR-550 Watch / SR927W

Casio Watch Line: Edifice
Battery type: SR927W
Battery price: 6$ [average Amazon price. We may earn a commission on qualifying purchases from our links to Amazon]
Original Battery for: Edifice EFR-550 Watch
Compatiable with models: EFR-528, EF-500, EF-509, EF-512, EF-527, EF-539, EF-540, EF-545, EF-547, EFR-501, EFR-503, EFR-504, EFR-512, EFR-515, EFR-528, EFR-502, EFR-506, EFR-507, EFB-301, EFB-302, EFR-549, EFR-303, EFR-304, EFB-508, ETD-300, ETD-310, EFR-550, ERA-600, ERA-500, ERA-200, ERA-200, EFA-120, EFA-121, EFA-122, EFA-132, EMA-100, ERA-100, ERA-201, ERA-300

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