[G-SHOCK 2024] DW-5600U, DW-6900U, GM-5600U, DW-5750U with Upgraded Module



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The trend of upgrading modules is gaining popularity, as seen in the recent release of several new G-SHOCK models with the “U” index by the Japanese in January. These models include DW-5600UHR-1, DW-5600USKE-7, DW-6900UMS-1, GM-6900U-1, and DW-5750UE-1. The manufacturer has identified the best-selling colors and prioritizes them. It is expected that the older versions without the “U” will be gradually phased out.

The main focus of the module update is the replacement of electroluminescent with LED illumination, resulting in an extended battery life of 5 years, compared to the previous 2 years. Although there are still G-SHOCK enthusiasts who prefer the old EL backlight, it is clear that technology is advancing and the new LED illumination is here to stay.

DW-5600UHR-1 with bi-color band. Module 3525.

DW-5600USKE-7 and iconic skeleton. Stylish, fashionable, youthful. Module 3525.

The DW-6900UMS-1 with black stealth style case and Red Eye display is a popular military watch. Module 3529.

GM-6900U-1 with steel bezel is a new case [2020], compared to the DW-5600 and DW-6900. Module 3529.

DW-5750UE-1, the “legend” of round G-SHOCK. The DW-5700C-1 first hit the market back in 1987, and in 2018 got a redesign in the form of the DW-5750E-1. The 3525 module is the same as the DW-5600U.

This is what the backlight looks like now:

The upgraded “U” versions come at a slightly higher price, usually around $7-10 more than their previous counterparts. However, the investment is worth it as these versions offer a longer battery life and a more aesthetically pleasing backlight. Despite these changes, the overall functionality of the watches remains unchanged.

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