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[G-Shock Professional] GR-B200-1B & GG-B100-8A — Against Extreme Environments

G-SHOCK MASTER OF G creates more possibilities in continuous evolution. Two new watches, GR-B200-1B & GG-B100-8A, are launched this season to help you travel without fear of harsh environmental challenges.
Based on GR-B200 as the prototype, GRAVITYMASTER new model GR-B200-1B was released. The classic black is selected as the main color, and it is equipped with a gray bezel painted with a special pattern, which highlights the dial scale and soars into the sky.
The MUDMASTER quadruple induction carbon fiber watch has evolved again, launching a new color scheme GG-B100-8A. The collision of black and gray shows the courageous power. The dial design follows the law of symmetry. The 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions are set with large scale marks, which bursts out a strong visual impact.
In terms of function, both watches have a G-SHOCK carbon fiber core protection structure, which has high-strength impact resistance and toughness against extreme environments.

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