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[Edifice Review] EFS-S570DB-2A – When the Japanese have found the best watch features

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The one who has favorite products for a broad audience usually survives in crisis times. At least this is true for the watch industry, which, of course, is my own opinion and not a quote from a business book by some famous coach. I just like sometimes to look through the financial statements of my favorite company [which is public, by the way] and see what the manufacture is doing to stay afloat. Briefly, the Japanese are happy with the sales of their iconic GMW-B5000 and new Edifice Slim Line. While the updated Square Shock is a predictable result, the Edifice Slim Line needs to be considered in more detail. Let’s take a closer look at the EFS-S570DB-2A slim model in a traditional CasioFanMag review.

The EFS-S570 series continues the “octagonal fever” that the entire watch world has been living through for the full 2020.

The Japanese couldn’t help but take advantage of the form factor’s popularity [of high-end global brands] and began to saturate their Edifice men’s analog watch division with similar designs. The EQB-1100 [along with the ECB] were the first, which, in my opinion, turned out to be the most successful Edifice watches in the brand’s history.

Edifice EQB-1100 Series

Unlike its Swiss friends, Casio has clear advantages for most people on Earth: an affordable price, a caliber as reliable as an ax, excellent basic functionality [which beats “mechanics”], perfect quartz accuracy, and almost “eternal” battery life [thanks to solar recharging]. Two things we were all looking for are a slimmer case and better materials for more seriousness.

The “slim challenge” was solved with the EQB-1000 introduction back in 2019.

These changes have laid a solid base for other slim EDIFICE representatives [and the SLIM subdivision] to emerge. The EFS-S570 series is excellent evidence of my statement. Despite the absence of a Bluetooth sensor, the watch continues to use a compact component placement, and that’s cool.

As you probably understood, the EFS-S570 is not a flagship product [the only king so far is the EQB-1100], but it is instead in opposition to it – the watch goal is NOT to be a flagship product. What does that mean? Very simple: to be cheaper than a top-of-the-line watch, but still look like a top-of-the-line watch [EQB-1100]. Surprisingly, Casio is convenient in this regard: they don’t try to create only one “iPhone” that not everyone can buy, but they also make an alternative version for a broader consumer circle. P.S. Apple has also started to market products with a more democratic price tag.

Look at those two pieces. Don’t you think there are many resemblances? So do I. Indeed, the EFS-S570DB-2A is much simpler than its big brother: the watch has no phone synchronization, no time in another Time Zone, and the additional windows, to be frank, are here more for beauty than for functions [used for the stopwatch]. Nevertheless, they give the watch seriousness and beauty.

Usually, the manufacturer tries to reduce the cost on almost everything in such kind of “flagship” watches. It uses the most primitive materials or the most basic caliber with a 2-year battery. The EFS-S570 is not like that. The Japanese made a fantastic product, which remains true to the premium direction despite its resemblance to the EQB-1100.

You have to admit not every piece gets sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating and solar power, but the EFS-S570DB-2A has it all. And the stainless steel is not too shabby to be called unreliable. The bracelet, of course, is not solid, but Casio’s bracelets are always like that.

While looking at the EFS-S570 on my wrist, I can’t help but feel a sense of watchmaking beauty and quality.

The watch is very slim [9.7 mm, although I consider 13.4 mm a standard size], which immediately puts it in the luxury category. It makes me a little sick to write about “luxury,” as I think the watch is first and foremost a love for this unique art, not an item for boasting. Then let me rephrase – the EFS-S570DB-2A would go with a man’s suit where you will only admire this beautiful combination. By the way, if it weren’t for the protruding back cover, which protrudes rather than blends in with the case, the watch would be even thinner. From what I can see, the back cover is not screwed.

And yes, I can’t help but pay tribute to the octagonal bezel and the curved case elements to which the band is attached. It is so strict that you wouldn’t dare use the watch with sportswear.

There is no separate main seconds hand on the EFS-S570DB-2A, but there is a separate window for the seconds of the current time at the 9 o’clock position. Since I like the actual “movement” in my watches, this window helps. I also lack an automatic calendar, but that is a lot for a watch in this price category. There is no backlight here either.


The EFS-S570 series lets you enjoy a chic octagonal form factor, slim case, and useful Japanese technologies and features. Despite the lack of smartphone synchronization, the watch remains dedicated to the classic time indication without any 21st-century technological “noise.” You get a traditional analog watch that you want to look at in terms of the current time and just looking at a beautiful accessory on your wrist.

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EFS-S570 Profile / Casio Edifice
Average Amazon Price: $300
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Year of first release: 2020
The most distinctive specs:
(the sporty design of these multi-hand chronographs come packed in a case that is only 9.9mm thick for a comfortable fit)
— Solar Powered
 (CASIO-original light-shielding and distributed solar technology make it possible to obtain sufficient power generation using only the light that passes through the three small inset dials. Exposure to light charges a battery that provides energy to power normal operations for five months on a full charge)
— Octagonal flat bezel 
(creates a sporty yet luxurious design)
— 100-meter water resistance 
(good for swimming but not for deep diving)
— Sapphire crystal 
(no scratches, no flares)
Other colors and full specs: EFS-S570 Wiki Page

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