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[G-Shock Ana-Digi] AWM-500 and Cyberpunk theory to our real life

Looking through the history, it is not difficult to find that a set of Cyberpunk ideas has gradually developed from the 1980s , from Europe to the United States, and was born in the film industry, which set off a wave of dystopia, ” Blade Runner “, and then extended from the United States to Asia-Japan, from Otomo Katsuhiro’s ” Akira ” to Shiro Masamune’s ” Ghost in the Shell ” are all Cyberpunk worlds projected from the imagination of the future world of that era. In recent years, from ” The Matrix ” and ” TRON ” To ” Ready Player One “, the background is based on the modern world view of future technology. The ” Cyberpunk 2077 ” game, which has attracted much attention and discussion since its launch , more fully presents the Cyberpunk theory and the dystopian world. Last year, when Elon Neuralink, a startup company under Musk, proposed “brain-computer interface” surgery and technology, undoubtedly bringing the worldview in Cyberpunk theory back to our real life.

The era full of metal technology objects has quietly approached. When the human body has implanted metal parts, people’s external wear and styling elements will also change accordingly, and the long-standing design will be transformed into a classic design. The metal style is integrated into the trend led by the huge metal future world. G-SHOCK’s first pointer watch AW-500, which was created in 1989, is once again shown in an all-metal appearance after 30 years of tempering. The name AWM-500 is installed between the bezel and the case. Reinforced resin (Fine Resin) shock-absorbing structural parts, the shock-resistant structure that G-SHOCK is proud of, this classic is fully retained. The dual-display dial with PVD evaporation technology allows the time scale and the metal appearance to set off each other , The metal texture of the hairline and mirror processing makes it easy to integrate into the Cyberpunk world. In the world 50 years later, whether humans need a watch or not is still a question mark, but the existence of G-SHOCK AWM-500 is more than just one. A watch is a symbol of the spirit of the G-SHOCK enterprise, and this classic silhouette, like denim clothing and vinyl records, will still have a place in the world.

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