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[G-Shock Ana-Digi] AW-500 and AMW-500 — The steel version of first ana-digi

From Casio ‘s shock-resistant watch ” G-SHOCK “, a new work “AWM-500D / AWM-500GD” has appeared. It will be released on November 20, 2020 (Friday). The “AWM-500D / AWM-500GD” is a watch that has been arranged in full metal while inheriting the design of G-SHOCK’s first model “AW-500” that combines analog and digital.

Since the release of the first G-SHOCK, only the square model with digital display has been developed, but the “AW-500” has been developed with the concept of “an analog watch that never drops the needle”. It overturned the analog image that it is vulnerable to impact because there are many small parts, and improved impact resistance by reducing the weight of the parts.

The ” AWM-500D / AWM-500GD” that follows the form of this “AW-500” is a full metal by using a resin material “Fine Resin” that has both lightness and strength between the metal case and the bezel as a cushioning material. Realized. The band pieces connected from the case are rounded to reproduce the original supple form.

In addition, a resin-made reproduction model “AW-500E / AW-500BB” redesigned based on the “AW-500” is also available at the same time. In addition to the original model that combines the white index, minute hand, and red hour hand based on black, all black and red models are also available.

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