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[G-SHOCK 2023]  GBX-100TT — Ride the Wave Like a Pro

The Ultimate Guide to All G-SHOCKs — composed by Experts

G-SHOCK is gearing up for summer with its Traveling Surf collection. The GBX-100 G-LIDE, first introduced in 2020, subsequently returned in 2021. Back at it again, the revamped G-LIDE lineup unveils new sports watches GBX-100TT-2 and GBX-100TT-8, available in blue/cream and black/gray colorways. The series’ Memory in Pixel (MIP) LCD is meticulously designed for avid and professional surfers, relaying pertinent data, like tide graphs, moon age, high/low tide times and levels and sunrise/sunset data, so you can enjoy the good vibrations on your own time.

Appearing in muted colorways, both watches feature 20 bar water resistance and tide- and moon-graph displays suitable for swimming and high-impact water sports. The slew of fitness and tide graph functions don’t stop there. Though the G-LIDE series feels like a blast to the past with its compact and utilitarian wrist feel, modern specs distinguish this series apart from the brand’s sports-centric predecessors. The range is paired with the Bluetooth-enabled G-SHOCK Move app, providing the tide patterns and daylight conditions of up to 3,300 surf destinations around the globe. Professionals and hobbyists alike can also utilize the built-in step counter, which measures calories burned and daily steps, as well as additional training data, like auto lap measurements, training logs, lap data, training analysis and plan creation – attuned for serious wave chasers. Bluetooth connectivity also aids in automatic time adjustments and phone notifications.

At a glance, the revamped series features a durable, streamlined facade, with the band and case primarily comprised of soft urethane, measuring 46mm wide. Neutral, two-tone color schemes in blue/cream and black/gray dominate the band and case.

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