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[G-Shock MTG] MTG-B2000XMG Rainbow Mountain

G-SHOCK is expanding its offering of multicolored watches by introducing an entirely new material, made by laminating layers of carbon with with coloured glass fiber.

The G-SHOCK MTG-B2000XMG features a bezel made from the new material – formed from randomly laminating alternating layers of carbon and glass resin – resulting in a multilayered, multicolored appearance “expressing the beautiful mystical coloration of Rainbow Mountain,” presumably a reference to China’s Zhangye National Geopark and its own multicolored strata.

Because of the random element in the manufacturing process, no two watches will look exactly the same.

The multicolored nature of the bezel is reflected elsewhere in the decoration of the watch, with blue, purple and gold ion-plating used on various components, including rainbow IP on the inner edge of the bezel.

Inside, the watch uses radio-wave timekeeping and a smartphone link, ensuring the correct timezone is being used while it uses solar charging and Super Illuminator and Afterglow LED illumination.

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